Customer Experience INTELLIGENCE

Customer Analytics is the process of collecting, integrating, sharing and analyzing data internal and / or external to organizations used to deepen knowledge of the customer, describe, predict their behavior and identify new business opportunities.
Experience is the value that remains when the customer interacts with services, products and brands: it is what the customer experiences before (expectation), during (perception) and after (memory).
The QPX activities of Customer Experience Analytics aim at creating value in the business through the analysis and design of the experience lived by the customer in all moments of interaction with the brand.


We have gained our experience at the service of the most important research institutes, marketing agencies and multinational companies. Our skills and our tools have evolved following the trends imposed by the new market scenarios and by the new media used by users.
We have the ability to support the decision makers of companies to “observe” the points of sale of their distribution networks from the critical point of view of their customers and use this perspective to guide the strategic and tactical decision making processes and develop a design based on the mash -up of skills, methodologies and information sources.


In developing projects, we deal with the entire production chain, from the reconstruction of the customer journey to the activities of field study, data miningdeployment and information sharing. Our projects are multiclient by channel and custom for the distribution networks of companies, franchises and networks.
We develop intelligence platforms capable of offering the sales network and staff an open environment in which to transmit and share insights, best practices and solutions in real time.
Through our partnerships in the fields of design & innovations, commerce and content marketing, we are able to guide customers in the strategic and tactical processes of user experience design by developing strategies based on the mash-up of skills, methodologies and analytics.

Customer Journey

We map the Customer Journey to provide a detailed “outside-in” view of the entire customer experience allowing the company to understand how the interactions in the different touchpoints appear in the eyes of its customers

Field Study

We define the optimal process for data collection and organization on targeted variables to allow to obtain timely feedback on specific analyzes and to analyze the results.

Data Mining

We conduct statistical analyzes to evaluate the relationships that emerge between the data and obtain useful information to develop data driven strategies to evolve the customer experience and create economic value for the company

Insight Management

We support the sharing of information inside and outside the company through interactive reports, intelligence dashboards, new generation information design and storytelling solutions.


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